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2019-01-08 11:35:00 RCM plastic Jig for Nintendo Switch GDeal replacement switch tool

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2019-01-06 14:54:02 Fake Taxi reflective car sticker decal

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FilippoCustomer: Filippo
RomaSend to: Roma, Roma, Italy
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2019-01-06 15:43:00 Set Riparazione Oukitel K7000 LCD Display & Touch Screen - Colore : Bianco

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GiovanniCustomer: Giovanni
IserniaSend to: rimini, Isernia, Italy
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2019-01-06 13:31:57 Epilatore Elettrico per Viso e Corpo

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2019-01-06 13:17:57
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2018-01-18 00:52:12 Criceto che Parla, si Muove e Registra Suoni - Colore : Marrone

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2017-11-03 20:10:36
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Sockets There are 17 products.

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  • €6.95 In Stock

    Vintage lamp holder. Light source: bulb. Material: copper, iron. Cord grip length: 1.2m. Wattage: 40-60W Voltage: 110-220V Base: E27 Please select a type.

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  • €5.99 In Stock

    Retro Edison lamp screw bulb socket. Material: aluminum. Voltage: 110 - 240V Socket type: E27 Size: 12 * 72 * 34 * 20mm. Please select a type.

    In Stock
  • €5.49 In Stock

    Corridor, toilet, basement, garage, and other places, automatic lighting.  Strong anti-jamming capacity, more safe and reliable. Working power: AC170V~250V, 50 / 60HZ  Load power: 3-80W, energy-saving lamp. 7 induction distance: 110°, 5~8m. Power consumption: ≤ 0.1W  Illumination: 5LUX  Material: plastic. Package: 1 x Sensor switch 2 x Screws

    In Stock
  • €5.59 In Stock

    Modern Ceiling Lamp Holder. Power Supply: AC Powered Material: silicone, plastic. Wattage per bulb: max. 60W Line length: 120cm / 47'' Holder base: E26 / E27 Ceiling Pendant Dimensions: ~ 93 * 75mm. Please select a color.

    In Stock
  • €4.11 In Stock

    Light lamp bulb holder. Type: E27 with On/Off switch. Shell Material: PBT Electronic Part: metal. Voltage and Current: AC 110-220V, 6A Please select a plug type and length.

    In Stock
  • €9.95 In Stock

    Base type: E27 Wattage: 5W Voltage: AC 85V to 265V Angle: 90° Luminous Flux: ~ 450LM Temperature: 3000K, 6500K Operating temperatures: -10 ℃ ~ + 35 ℃ environment Max. sensitive range:4-5m The off time delay: 60s Material: metal, plastic Size: 18 * 6 * 6cm(7.09in x 2.36in x 2.36in) Please select a light color.

    In Stock
  • €13.49 In Stock

    Base type: E27 base.  Shell material: PBT   Support power: 250W Nominal voltage: 90V-240V Size: 11 * 11cm.

    In Stock
  • €1.99 In Stock

    Made of high quality, durable material Small size, light weight, easy to install. Socket: E27 to double E27 For LED and hallogen Suitable voltage:. 110V - 260V  Color: white. Weight: 25g.

    In Stock
  • €2.25 In Stock

    E27 Lamp Bulb socket adapter converter Max. voltage: 250V Max. electric current: 6A Built in ON/Off power switch 

    In Stock
  • €2.95 In Stock

    E27 Base Socket with EU Plug Socket: E27 Colour White Max. voltage: 250V Max. electric current: 6A Built-in On / Off switch

    In Stock
  • €1.90 In Stock

    E27 to E14 light lamp bulb adapter converter For E14 light bulbs Suitable for all voltage Dimensions: 4.3*2.8*2.8 cm Weight: 19 g

    In Stock
  • €9.95 In Stock

    Detects movement with IR sensor Automatic switch on /off Plug type:E27 Material: plastic and metal Suitable for energy-saving lamps, LED lamp Sensor degree: 360 degree Suitable installation height: 2.8-3.5M Detection range: Around 5m Adjustable time button from 20S to 120S Adjustable working ambient brightness Quantity:1pcs

    In Stock
  • €1.49 In Stock

    B22 (male plug) to E27 (female socket) Light bulb converter. High temperature resistant,  Size (L): about 3cm

    In Stock
  • €3.95 In Stock

    E27 to E27 Bulb Flexible Adapter  Small size, light weight, easy to install Rated Voltage : 100-240V Rated current: 4 (A) Material: premium metal and plastic Please select the correct length

    In Stock
  • €1.95 In Stock

    E27 Lamp Bulb Socket Adapter Converter Color: White Max. voltage: 250V Max. electric current: 6A Built in ON/Off power switch 

    In Stock
  • €11.95 In Stock

    E27 bulb adapter holder  This adapter allows you to fit 7 lights Max: 175W ( 7 * 25W )

    In Stock
  • €1.90 In Stock

    E27 Light Bulb Lamp Socket Holder Simple design and installation Color: White Net weight:18g Material: Plastic, metal Maximum Current: 4A Dimensions: 7.7cm x 4cm (LxH)

    In Stock
Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items